Enabling / Disabling Bcc field in Microsoft Outlook

The use of the Bcc field in email is something that more people should use. Over the summer I had purchased a new home and gave my realtor my email address to email me new listings. A few months later her husband (her partner in the real estate firm) sent out some mass emails and placed everybody’s email address in the To field. The problem with this is that I along with every other one of her clients now have the email addresses of all of her clients, some of which I recognized. To prevent this you can use the Bcc field which will hide all of the recipients. Enabling this field in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 is rather easy.

Outlook 2003
Step 1 is open Outlook and create a new email. Once in the new email you will need to find the Options button that is located on the main toolbar. Click on the small down arrow just to the right of the word Options.

Bcc Outlook 2003

Step 2 is to click on the Bcc option which is 2nd from the bottom.

Bcc Outlook 2003

You will now see the Bcc address line just above the Subject field.

Bcc Outlook 2003

Outlook 2007
Step 1 is to open Outlook and create a new email. Once in the new email you will see the ribbon at the top. You will need to click the Options tab.

Bcc Outlook 2007

Step 2 is to click on the Show Bcc button in the Fields section of the Options ribbon.

Bcc Outlook 2007

The Show Bcc field will now be highlighted and the Bcc field will be placed just above the Subject field.

Bcc Outlook 2007

That is how easy it is to show the Bcc field in your new emails so you can hide the email addresses of the recipients of your email.

Outlook cannot find archive.pst after auto archive disabled

Recently we have added a new Windows Terminal Server into network and network load balanced the two servers. Shortly after allowing users to login on the new server we started having issues with Microsoft Outlook (2003) on select users saying that it could not find the archive.pst file.

The file c:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\archive.pst could not be found.

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