Notepad++ Ctrl+Tab tip

If you are like me and prefer to use the keyboard as much as possible instead of a mouse you will like this tip. When in Notepad++ if on your keyboard you press Ctrl+Tab it brings up a Windows style Alt+Tab menu to cycle through your open documents. When you let up on the keys it switches to the file you selected. Check out the screenshot below of it in action.


Cell phone tip: Remove false voicemail indicator

With my day job I have to deal with a lot of cell phones (around 200 to give you a good idea). Recently a co-worker came to me stating that they had the new voicemail icon on their home screen and when they checked the voicemail it was empty. My first solution to solving a cell phone issue is a battery pull while the phone is still on. However with this situation it did not solve the problem. With this particular phone being a Verizon phone I did the standard *228 to update the phone just in case with no luck either. The fix is actually to just call and leave a new voicemail on the phone and wait for the phone to prompt you of a new voicemail. Once you have the new prompt of a voicemail listen to the message and hang up. The voicemail indicator should be gone.

*This was done on a Motorola W755 but should work for other phones. I have seen this same issue on a BlackBerry however this did not seem to fix the BlackBerry.

Tip: Choppy playback of video on computer from Canon 7D

I had previously been rather disappointed with the quality of video playback from the video that the Canon 7D takes. When I would open the videos using VLC player or any other media players I have installed the video would be all choppy. After doing some searching I came to the conclusion that it was more than likely my slower compact flash (CF) card which is a 4GB 133x card which only operates at 20.0 MB/s. Since CF cards now go up to 667x (100 MB/s) I thought this is a very plausible situation. I now have a new 16GB 400x (60 MB/s) card waiting to come in the mail to see how much that helps. However, after taking some spur of the moment video of some friends kids while over at my house and previewing the video on the camera the video played back just fine. With this new information I started doing even more searching and I found this tip on how to have smooth playback in VLC and it seems to work rather well.

Step 1: Open VLC player and navigate to the Tools menu and select Preferences.
Step 2: In the lower left corner of the Preferences dialog box change Show Settings from “Simple” to “All”.


Step 3: Then navigate to Input & Codecs > Other Codecs > FFmpeg and change the option called “Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding” from “none” to “all”


Now try to play your video back again and see the difference.

When you hover your mouse over this select option it says:

Skipping the loop filter (aka deblocking) usually has a detrimental effect on quality. However it provides a big speedup for high definition streams.

Now you can enjoy smooth playback of your video from your Canon 7D DSLR.

Make Firefox open new tabs at end of tab row

So you have recently upgraded Firefox and you have noticed that when you open a link in a new tab that it does not open at the end of the tab row. Here is an easy way to fix this:

  • Open a new tab/window and type “about:config” in the address bar – You may need to click the “I’ll be careful, I Promise!” button to let you continue opening this page.
  • Do a search for: “browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent”
  • The default value for this key is true. Double click the key value to change it to false.
  • Close out of the about:config

Enjoy opening new tabs at the end of the tab row. If you want to revert back to the related tabs opening right after the other just change the value back to true.

Enabling / Disabling Bcc field in Microsoft Outlook

The use of the Bcc field in email is something that more people should use. Over the summer I had purchased a new home and gave my realtor my email address to email me new listings. A few months later her husband (her partner in the real estate firm) sent out some mass emails and placed everybody’s email address in the To field. The problem with this is that I along with every other one of her clients now have the email addresses of all of her clients, some of which I recognized. To prevent this you can use the Bcc field which will hide all of the recipients. Enabling this field in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 is rather easy.

Outlook 2003
Step 1 is open Outlook and create a new email. Once in the new email you will need to find the Options button that is located on the main toolbar. Click on the small down arrow just to the right of the word Options.

Bcc Outlook 2003

Step 2 is to click on the Bcc option which is 2nd from the bottom.

Bcc Outlook 2003

You will now see the Bcc address line just above the Subject field.

Bcc Outlook 2003

Outlook 2007
Step 1 is to open Outlook and create a new email. Once in the new email you will see the ribbon at the top. You will need to click the Options tab.

Bcc Outlook 2007

Step 2 is to click on the Show Bcc button in the Fields section of the Options ribbon.

Bcc Outlook 2007

The Show Bcc field will now be highlighted and the Bcc field will be placed just above the Subject field.

Bcc Outlook 2007

That is how easy it is to show the Bcc field in your new emails so you can hide the email addresses of the recipients of your email.

Cell phone tip of the day: Battery pull

At my work most of the staff have cell phones. As time goes on you find that a cell phone will stop functioning just like anything else. When you first experience a problem with your cell phone the best tip / troubleshooting technique you can use is to pull the battery out and try again. I frequently have users that cannot get the keypad to work, earpiece volume does not work, can’t make/receive calls or some other strange combination. It is best to pull the battery while the phone is turned on. This is especially true for troubleshooting BlackBerry devices.

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