Hunter Ice Festival – Part 2

The Hunter Ice Festival is a 3 day festival that starts on a Friday night with lots of carving, setting out sponsor’s sculptures and lots more. While I was playing with the wireless Speedlight flash system on the first night I caught this little boy looking up at one of the main sculptures in amazement. I only got two shots off and thankfully one of them turned out since the father was telling the boy to step back.


On Saturday you get to see more of the tools that get used while carving these sculptures. Anything from angle grinders, chainsaws, picks, chisels, dremel tools, custom made jigs and cloths irons get used.


Some people use templates made out of paper to help start the carving process.


While others just have a drawing and go at the ice just by looking at it.


When doing night photography with a flash you can easily tell where many of the different blocks are.


More photos in the gallery at: Hunter Ice Festival, Niles Michigan

Rock On! – Hunter Ice Festival, Part 1


Today kicked off the Hunter Ice Festival in Niles Michigan. This is my first year going to this festival and so far I think that it will not be my last. How can you beat ice carving and fire? This is my first time getting out with my new Canon 7D and seeing what it can do. I was working with the wireless Speedlight trigger and some higher ISO’s due to hand holding of the camera in crowds. More photos to come once the weekend is over.


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